Micro-moths 2009

by David Manning

Seven new species were added to the county list during the year. These records are shown in the same format as in the Society’s book The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire.

New species in VC30 (Bedfordshire)

Ectoedemia hannoverella (Glitz) (24a)
Several leaf-mines at Arlesey on 12th November 2009 (AMB & MGB)
Flight: May, June
Larval foodplant: Black Poplar hybrid (Populus x canadensis)
Map TL13

Ectoedemia heringella (Mariani) (36a)
Vacated leaf-mines at Broom on 30th November 2009 (DVM) and at Luton, Stockwood Park, in
December 2009 (AMB & MGB)
Flight: May, June
Larval foodplant: Holm-oak
Map TL02, 13

Tinea dubiella Stainton (243)
One in the RIS trap at Cockayne Hatley in August 2009
Flight: May to September (week 35)*
Larval food: Stored animal and vegetable products. Also in birds’ nests and on owl pellets.
Map TL24

Caloptilia azaleella (Brants) (285)
To MV light at Lower Stondon, 9th August 2009 (AMB & MGB)
Flight: May, August (week 32)*
Larval foodplants: Azalea (Rhododendron species)
Map TL13

Mompha jurassicella (Frey) (890)
One found indoors at Bromham on 30th October 2009 (PA) (female, dissected)
Flight: from September, and after hibernation until April (week 44)*
Larval foodplant: Great Willowherb
Map TL05

Acleris logiana (Clerck) (1051)
One to MV light at Flitwick Moor, 5th July 2009 (AMB & MGB)
Until recently this species was known in Britain only from the highlands of Scotland. In 1991 it was found in Hampshire, and from 2000 onwards has been recorded in several southern and East Anglian counties.
Flight: in Scotland, September to April. In England also June to August (week 27)*
Larval foodplant: Birches
Map TL03

Grapholita caecana (Schläger) (1240)
Netted at Totternhoe quarry on 2nd June 2009 (DTW)
Flight: end of May to July (week 22)*
Larval foodplant: Sainfoin
Map SP92

Adult flight times have been culled from literature but all flight times marked with an asterisk (*) are local observations in Bedfordshire. The week numbers cited are
the standard week numbers used in the Rothamsted Insect Survey (RIS). The weeks of the year are numbered consecutively from 1–52 omitting 29th February and 31st December, and are approximate to those printed in pocket diaries. The following are new 10km square records for micro-lepidoptera to add to the given in The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire, and for species added in my reports from 1996 onwards. These new records were generally made during the year 2009. A few records from earlier years are marked with an asterisk (*).

5 Micropterix calthella TL04, 13
13 Eriocrania semipurpurella TL13
22 Ectoedemia louisella TL16
23 Ectoedemia argyropeza TL04
25 Ectoedemia intimella TL04
28 Ectoedemia angulifasciella TL04
31 Ectoedemia rubivora TL03
34 Ectoedemia occultella TL01, 04, 13
39 Ectoedemia heringi TL04, 13
42 Ectoedemia septembrella TL04
65 Stigmella speciosa TL13
68 Stigmella salicis TL04
70 Stigmella obliquella TL13
74 Stigmella assimilella TL24
75 Stigmella floslactella TL13
81 Stigmella hemargyrella TL04
85 Stigmella suberivora TL01, 03, 04, 14
89 Stigmella basiguttella SP93, TL04
93 Stigmella centifoliella TL13
98 Stigmella catharticella TL04
100 Stigmella oxyacanthella TL13
107 Stigmella regiella TL04
113 Stigmella sakhalinella TL03, 04
121 Pseudopostega crepusculella TL24
136 Lampronia corticella TL14
144 Nemophora fasciella TL03
145 Nemophora minimella TL01
148 Nemophora degeerella TL06, 14, 25
150 Adela reaumurella TL13
152 Adela rufimitrella TL03, 13
154 Heliozela sericiella SP92
159 Antispila treitschkiella TL13
185 Luffia ferchaultella SP93
212 Haplotinea insectella TL24
216 Nemapogon cloacella TL05
217 Nemapogon wolffiella SP96
224 Triaxomera parasitella TL02
228 Monopis weaverella SP92, TL13
230 Monopis crocicapitella TL02
240 Tinea pellionella TL05
286 Caloptilia alchimiella TL03
290 Caloptilia semifascia TL24
293 Caloptilia syringella TL13
297 Eucalybites auroguttella TL04
302 Parornix fagivora TL01, 03
304 Parornix devoniella TL14
315 Phyllonorycter harrisella TL04
318 Phyllonorycter tenerella TL03
321 Phyllonorycter messaniella TL04, 15
321a Phyllonorycter platani SP93
326 Phyllonorycter blancardella TL04
330 Phyllonorycter cerasicolella TL01
331 Phyllonorycter lantanella TL04, 13
342 Phyllonorycter coryli TL13
343 Phyllonorycter esperella TL13
353 Phyllonorycter ulmifoliella TL13
356 Phyllonorycter tristrigella TL04
357 Phyllonorycter stettinensis TL13
359 Phyllonorycter nicellii TL13
362 Phyllonorycter acerifoliella TL13
364 Phyllonorycter geniculella TL24
396 Glyphipterix fuscoviridella TL01, 04
397 Glyphipterix thrasonella TL16
409a Argyresthia trifasciata TL02
415 Argyresthia retinella TL16
419 Argyresthia semifusca TL13
420 Argyresthia pruniella TL02
428 Yponomeuta rorrella TL24
440 Paraswammerdamia albicapitella TL04, 15
447 Roeslerstammia erxlebella TL14
449 Prays fraxinella TL04
452 Ypsolopha nemorella TL01
459 Ypsolopha sylvella TL03
462 Ypsolopha sequella TL02, 16
470 Orthotelia sparganella TL16
476 Acrolepia autumnitella TL03, 14
483 Epermenia chaerophyllella TL13
509 Coleophora violacea TL23
515 Coleophora albitarsella TL04
544 Coleophora albicosta TL03
565 Coleophora saxicolella TL04
566 Coleophora sternipennella TL04
587 Coleophora caespititiella TL13
597 Elachista atricomella TL15
599 Elachista alpinella TL16
602 Elachista apicipunctella TL05
644 Borkhausenia fuscescens TL04
663 Diurnea fagella TL02
664 Diunea lipsiella TL14
672 Depressaria heraclei TL14
706 Agonopterix nervosa TL03
718 Ethmia dodecea TL16
724 Metzneria lappella TL04
774 Teleiodes luculella TL16
796 Aroga velocella TL16, 24
801a Gelechia senticetella TL04
819 Scrobipalpa costella TL04
822 Scrobipalpa acuminatella TL04
855 Acompsia cinerella SP96
862 Dichomeris marginella TL04, 15
868 Helcystogramma rufescens TL13, 15
892 Mompha subbistrigella TL14
871 Oegoconia deauratella TL11
877 Stathmopoda pedella TL13, 16
921 Phtheochroa inopiana TL16
945 Aethes cnicana SP92, TL03
947 Aethes smeathmanniana TL15
949 Aethes dilucidana TL05
964 Cochylis dubitana TL04
966 Cochylis atricapitana TL02
968 Cochylis nana TL04
969 Pandemis corylana TL13
977 Archips podana TL25
981 Archips rosana TL15
989 Aphelia paleana TL01, 02
993 Clepsis spectrana TL02
1000 Ptycholoma lecheana TL02, 04
1023 Cnephasia genitalana TL14
1032 Aleimma loeflingiana TL02, 25
1035 Acleris bergmanniana TL15
1047 Acleris schalleriana TL16
1063 Celypha striana TL11
1064 Celypha rosaceana TL16
1083 Hedya nubiferana TL15, 25
1084 Hedya ochroleucana TL04, 25
1086 Hedya salicella SP93*, TL16
1093 Apotomis betuletana TL05
1108 Lobesia abscisana TL15
1113 Eudemis profundana SP96, TL04
1120 Ancylis mitterbacheriana TL13
1132 Epinotia subocellana TL01
1133 Epinotia bilunana TL02, 05, 13
1159 Rhopobota naevana TL15
1168 Gypsonoma sociana TL15, 16
1175 Epiblema uddmanniana TL25
1176 Epiblema trimaculana TL01
1177 Epiblema rosaecolana SP96
1192 Eucosma conterminana TL16
1200 Eucosma hohenwartiana TL15
1205a Spilonota laricana TL16
1211 Rhyacionia pinicolana TL04
1212 Rhyacionia pinivorana TL13
1251 Grapholita jungiella TL03
1255 Cydia ulicetana TL15
1272 Pammene aurana TL03
1279 Dichrorampha acuminatana TL13
1290 Chilo phragmitella TL02
1292 Calamotropha paludella TL13
1323 Pediasia contaminella TL16
1329 Donacaula forficella TL04
1338 Dipleurina lacustrata TL15
1340 Eudonia truncicolella SP93, TL13
1348 Parapoynx stratiotata TL15
1354 Cataclysta lemnata TL13, 15
1358 Evergestis pallidata TL05
1362 Pyrausta purpuralis TL04
1365 Pyrausta despicata TL13
1380 Phlyctaenia perlucidalis TL13
1385 Ebulea crocealis SP94
1390 Udea prunalis TL15
1424 Endotricha flammealis SP96, TL25
1426 Achroia grisella TL04
1428 Aphomia sociella TL25
1433 Cryptoblabes bistriga TL03
1436 Conobathra repandana TL15
1445 Pempelia formosa TL16
1454b Dioryctria sylvestrella TL 14
1483 Phycitodes binaevella TL 16
1498 Amblyptilia punctidactyla TL13, 16
1517 Adaina microdactyla TL04


I would like to thank the following for records sent to me during the year: P.Almond (PA), C.R.B.Baker, K.Balmer, A.M.& M.G.Banthorpe (AMB & MGB), R.I.Bashford, S.Brooke, D.Buckingham, L.Carman, C.Carpenter, G.Castle, J.Clark, B.Dickerson, B.Ellis, J.England, E.Goodyear, H.Griffiths, M.Hammond, M.Harvey, M.Jones, S.Knight, A.A.Lawrence, R.Lawrence, P.Marshall, C.Matthews, Br J.Mayhead, A.R.Outen, M.J.Palmer, J.Pitts, C.W.Plant, S.R.Plummer, I.Small, H.A.Smith, B.Squires, A.Strutt, M.Telfer, A.Whitney, N.D.Willits, D.T.Withers (DTW) and I.P.Woiwod.


Arnold, V.W., Baker, C.R.B., Manning, D.V. & Woiwod, I.P. 1997 The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire. Bedfordshire Natural History Society.

David Manning is the Society’s Recorder for Micro-moths, a position he has held in an honorary capacity since 1986. He is co-author of the BNHS publication The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire.