Micro-moths 2008

by David Manning

Six new species were added to the county list during the year and these records are shown below in the same format as in the Society’s book The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire. In the book (see page 4) the basis for recording was the current boundary of the administrative county of Bedfordshire. As noted in the Macro-moth report for 2007, County Moth Recorders use the Watsonian Vice-county boundaries to record, Bedfordshire being VC30. From this year the Micro-moth report will list new VC30 species, with a supplementary list of new species within the administrative boundaries used in the book, but which are outside VC30.

New species in VC30 (Bedfordshire)

Stigmella sakhalinella Puplesis (113)
Vacated leaf-mine at Rowney Warren on 13th July 2008
Larval Foodplant: Birch
Map TL14

Ocnerostoma piniariella Zeller (444)
One to MV light at Eaton Ford on 23rd June 2008 (AL)
Flight: June (week 25)*
Larval Foodplant: Scots Pine
Map TL16

Cochylidia rupicola (Curtis) (959)
One in the RIS trap at Cockayne Hatley in July 2008
Flight: June, July (week 30)*
Larval Foodplant: Hemp Agrimony
Map TL24

Cochylis molliculana Zeller (964a)
One to Actinic light at Luton, 29th Aug 2008 (HG)
Flight: May, June and July to August (week 35)*
Larval Foodplant: Bristly Ox-tongue
Map TL02

New species in Bedfordshire, but outside VC30

Phtheochroa sodaliana (Haworth) (923)
One to MV light at Blows Downs (VC20), 31st May 2008 (CWP)
Flight: June, July (week 22)*
Larval Foodplant: Buckthorn
Map TL02

Cydia cosmophorana (Treitschke) (1267)
Netted at New Wavendon Heath (VC24) on 14th June 2008 (MHar)
Flight: May to July (week 24)*
Larval Foodplant: Scots Pine
Map SP93

Adult flight times have been culled from literature but all flight times marked with an asterisk (*) are local observations in Bedfordshire. The week numbers cited are the standard week numbers used in the Rothamsted Insect Survey (RIS). The weeks of the year are numbered consecutively from 1–52 omitting 29th February and 31st December, and are approximate to those printed in pocket diaries. The following are new 10km square records for micro-lepidoptera to add to the maps given in The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire, and for species added in my reports from 1996 onwards. These new records were generally made during the year 2008. A few records from earlier years are marked with an asterisk (*).

4 Micropterix aruncella TL03
9 Eriocrania sparrmannella TL14
116 Stigmella lapponica TL13
123 Tischeria ekebladella SP94
196 Morophaga choragella TL04, 14
228 Monopis weaverella TL14
230 Monopis crocicapitella TL16
246 Tinea semifulvella TL13
296 Calybites phasianipennella TL16
320 Phyllonorycter quercifoliella SP94
331 Phyllonorycter lantanella TL16
337 Phyllonorycter hilarella TL16
389 Choreutis pariana TL05
410 Argyresthia brockeella TL16
415 Argyresthia retinella TL14
427 Yponomeuta cagnagella TL01, 15
435 Zelleria hepariella TL01*
438 Swammerdamia pyrella TL01*
494 Coleophora coracipennella TL16
517 Coleophora alcyonipennella TL13
519 Coleophora deauratella TL13
523 Coleophora hemerobiella TL16
552 Coleophora lassella TL16
553 Coleophora striatipennella TL13
597 Elachista atricomella TL04
602 Elachista apicipunctella TL05, 14
644 Borkhausenia fuscescens SP96
663 Diurnea fagella TL05, 16
664 Diurnea lipsiella TL03
698 Agonopterix kaekeritziana SP95
719 Ethmia quadrillella TL16
729 Isophrictis striatella TL16
782 Bryotropha senectella TL04
796 Aroga velocella TL14
868 Helcystogramma rufescens SP96, TL05
871 Oegoconia deauratella SP93*
903 Chrysoclista linneella TL16
926 Phalonidia manniana SP95
937 Agapeta hamana SP93
952 Commophila aeneana SP93
963 Cochylis flaviciliana TL05*
966 Cochylis atricapitana TL04
998 Epiphyas postvittana SP93*
1001 Lozotaeniodes formosanus TL15*
1002 Lozotaenia forsterana TL15*
1037 Acleris holmiana TL14
1042 Acleris rhombana TL13
1043 Acleris aspersana TL16
1062 Acleris emargana TL13
1093 Apotomis betuletana TL16
1094 Apotomis capreana TL05
1102 Endothenia nigricostana SP93
1110 Bactra furfurana TL16
1120 Ancylis mitterbacheriana TL14
1159 Rhopobota naevana TL02
1163 Zeiraphera ratzeburgiana TL01
1184a Epiblema cirsiana SP93, TL03
1187 Epiblema costipunctana TL14
1209 Pseudococcyx turionella TL16
1211 Rhyacionia pinicolana TL13
1233 Pammene aurita TL13
1234 Pammene regiana TL02
1259 Cydia fagiglandana TL03
1284 Dichrorampha vancouverana TL16
1290 Chilo phragmitella TL04, 15*
1292 Calamotropha paludella TL15*
1294 Crambus pascuella TL15*
1301 Crambus lathoniellus SP93
1303 Agriphila selasella TL04
1306 Agriphila inquinatella TL03
1309 Agriphila geniculea SP96
1329 Donacaula forficella TL15*
1350 Nymphula stagnata TL15*
1361 Pyrausta aurata SP93*
1362 Pyrausta purpuralis TL24*
1371 Sitochroa verticalis TL03*
1398 Nomophila noctuella TL15*
1417 Pyralis farinalis SP93
1424 Endotricha flammealis SP93*
1433 Cryptoblabes bistriga TL14, 24
1437 Acrobasis consociella TL01
1455 Dioryctria simplicella TL16
1458 Myelois circumvoluta SP92
1462 Pempeliella dilutella TL14
1483 Phycitodes binaevella TL01*
1504 Platyptilia pallidactyla TL03


I would like to thank the following for records sent to me during the year: P.Almond, C.R.B.Baker, A.M. & M.G.Banthorpe, M.Boyd, C.Carpenter, G.Castle, J.Comont, G.Cooper, B.Dickerson, P.Donald, H.Griffiths (HG), M.Harvey (MHar), S.Knight, A.A.Lawrence (AL), R.Lawrence, Br J.Mayhead, P.McMullen, J.Pitts, C.W.Plant, S.R.Plummer, R.Revels, J.T.R.Sharrock, H.A.Smith, B.Squires, A.Strutt, S.Williams, N.D.Willits, D.Withers, I.P.Woiwod.


Arnold, V.W., Baker, C.R.B., Manning, D.V. & Woiwod, I.P. 1997 The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Natural History Society.

David Manning is the Society’s Recorder for Micro-moths, a position he has held in an honorary capacity since 1986. He is co-author of the BNHS publication The Butterflies and Moths of Bedfordshire.